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PAW Probiotic Powder 150gms

PAW Probiotic Powder 150gms
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PAW Probiotic Powder Description

The PAW Probiotic Powder is a certified organic probiotic product. It has been naturally fermented to provide the necessary “good bacteria” that aids in improving intestinal balance and digestion. Also suitable for dogs who have been prescribed antibiotics or with poor digestion. A great way to provide a balanced intestinal microflora for puppies early in life. Uniquely, PAW Probiotic Powder also includes essential amino and fatty acids, vitamins and minerals to enhance general health and vitality. Available in a 150gm tub.

As the powder is very palatable, just sprinkle it over your dog's food.
Dose rates are -

Small Dog (<10kg) 1-2g (1/2 teaspoon)

Medium Dog (10-25kg) 2-3g (1 level teaspoon)

Large Dog (>25kg) 5-6g (1 heaped teaspoon)





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