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PAW Manuka Wound Gel

PAW Manuka Wound Gel
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PAW Manuka Wound Gel Description:

Available in a 25g and 100g tube, PAW Manuka Wound Gel is a natural wound healer, wound cleaner and wound protector.  It contains natural nourishing oils for protection and pain reduction.  It is ideal for use on:

  • Non healing and chronic wounds

  • Acute, traumatic and surgical wounds

  • Malodorous wounds

  • Burns

  • General first aid burns, cuts, abrasions

PAW Manuka Wound Gel Key Benefits:

  • Sterile wound dressing made from 80% Manuka Honey

  • Helps maintain natural wound pH

  • Reduces and prevents contamination, external bacteria colonisation and infection

  • Protects wound and controls odours

  • Can be used on cats, dogs and horses

Directions of Use

Wash around the wound with a sterile saline. Apply PAW Manuka Wound Gel™ liberally (approx. 3mm layer) directly to the wound or to a suitable dressing. In addition using a barrier cream can further protect the wound margin. Dressing change frequency will depend on clinical circumstances. It can vary from once per day for draining wounds to up to 7 days for unsoiled dressings. PAW Manuka Wound Gel™ can be removed from the wound by rinsing with sterile saline or water at dressing change.

Additional Information

Active Ingredient
The ingredients in PAW Manuka Wound Gel™ include Manuka Honey (80%), natural Gum, bees wax, and nourishing organic oils. This product is sterile and of medical grade.

Not for use on heavily exudating wounds. Not recommended for body cavities. In the event of a slow or non-responding wound, please seek veterinary advice.

Possible Side Effects


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