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Do Fleas Pose A Threat To Your Pet?

We all despise fleas, and for a good reason! However many pet owners seem to forget that just because you can't see fleas doesn't necessarily mean they aren't lurking about; waiting patiently to multiply and terrorise your pet.  Take Dr Mark's 'flea test' now to see if the dreaded flea poses a threat to your pet this season.

Do fleas pose a threat to your pet? Take the test to find out now:

1.    Has your pet had fleas in the past?
Flea eggs may remain in a dormant state within the home for up to 12 months. So if our pet has had fleas previously, there is a risk or re-infestation.

2.    Was your home heated during winter?
A heated home can create ideal conditions for dormant fleas to recommence development into adulthood.

3.    Have you relaxed or stopped your pet’s monthly flea control treatment?
Many topical flea preventatives require monthly application. Missing a dose gives fleas the opportunity to attack or make a comeback if your pet has had fleas previously.

4.    Do your pets go outside, associate with other animals, or visit parks and walkways where other pets frequent?
Flea’s are parasites, so their eggs fall from the coat of their host animal into the surrounding environment.  The movement and warmth of your pet in the same environment can stir these eggs to hatch and latch onto another host – potentially your pet!

5.    Do multiple pets live in your household?
Approximately 95% of fleas in the pre-adult stages, reside in your pet’s immediate environment. So if one of your pets contracts a single flea, which can lay up to 400 eggs a week; the situation can quickly escalate into a severe flea infestation which will rapidly spread to other pets in the home.

If you answered yes to any or all of the questions above, the bad news is that fleas do pose a threat to your pet. Fortunately, the good news is you can act now to eliminate this flea risk. Order your cat's monthly flea control or your dogs monthly flea control from VetShopOnline without delay, to protect your pet from this devastating parasite.