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Choosing the Right Flea Preventative

One of the most common causes of itching and scratching in your pet is fleas.  As we all know, it takes only a few fleas to create a horrible cycle of infestation in your pets.  Fleas can cause severe skin irritations and their presence can be intensely itchy and uncomfortable, so protecting your pets from these nasty parasites is one of the most important roles we take on as pet owners. By using monthly flea preventative treatments, we here at believe the battle of the fleas can be won.

Flea Treatment Options

There are a huge range of flea preventatives on the market; many of which offer your pet combined protection for a range of parasites in one simple treatment. Check out the team at's four favorite monthly topical treatments that fight fleas below; to determine the option best suited to your pet's needs:

(controls flea infestations
in cats and dogs):

Frontline Plus controls fleas at every stage of a parasite's life cycle. It prevents re-infestations of newly acquired adult fleas for at least one month after treatment and also prevents and treats biting lice on cats.  Frontline Plus contains an Insect Growth Regulator (IGR) which prevents the development of flea eggs, larvae and pupae, produced by adult fleas, for up to six weeks after application.



(fights fleas on cats, dogs,
rabbits and ferrets):

Killing 100% of your cat or dog's fleas within an hour of application, Advantage is one of the most rapid acting flea treatments on the market.  It has environmental parasiticidal activity meaning Advantage crystals fall from your pet's coat into their surroundings, killing flea larvae, which in turn, reduces the chance of reinfestation.  Advantage is also waterproof, so your pets will remain protected from fleas, no matter what they get up to.





(fights fleas, intestinal worms, mange, lice in cats and dogs):

Advocate is the most complete all-in-one treatment for parasite protection.  It acts on flea, flea larvae, roundworm, hookworm, whipworm, heartworm and lungworm (in cats only) and also comprehensively controls mites and lice (on dogs) in one application.  Not only is it waterproof, after application it also penetrates your pets environment, killing larvae and reducing the chance of reinfestation.



(fights fleas, ticks and
mosquitoes on dogs only)

Advantix is a topical parasiticide used in the treatment and prevention of fleas, killing fleas 3-5 minutes after contact.  It also acts on ticks including deer ticks, American dog ticks, Brown dog ticks and lone star ticks; the control of lice and the killing and repelling of mosquitoes in dogs and puppies.  It works fast to minimize the irritation caused by fleas, killing 100% of fleas within an hour following application.