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Customer Testimonials

We are constantly delighted with the overwhelming support shown by our customers.  We love to hear our customers tell us that they appreciate the effort we put in to customer service and sourcing the best products at low prices. So we would like to say a BIG thank you for all the great support you have given us. It made us even more determined to provide you real value for money products and services. 

The feedback and comments on this page are genuine. We do not edit. We do not spice it up. We don't even change the spelling, font size or type. The only change is that we will not publish the full name of our customers for obvious security reasons and privacy protection. These comments are the reflection of our core mission and credibility – real, registered and qualified vets since 1999 with nearly a decade of customer service excellence. 

We'd also love to hear what you think about our service, so please email us at and let us know what you think (you can even include a photo of your pet!).

Fantastic first time buyer experienc. I was extremely impressed with their customer service (responding to my queries very promptly and friendly) and also the shipping timeframe. I would not hesitate to purchase through this company website again. Highly recommended.

Christina B 

30 March 2014 (via Womo)


We have used them since early 2003, Always friendly and reliable. We have two dogs and a cat and have relied on vetshop for their monthly worming and flea treatments. Customer service is always friendly and helpful when we have called.


16 March 2014 (via Womo)


Ordered a brand of worm tablets for my cats that I usually purchased from my vet and saved heaps, so much cheaper even with postage. Easy to order and product arrived in quick time..

Tricia F 

8 April 2014 (via Womo)


Great site. Great prices. Lovely lady answers the phone and helps me when I have a question. I get my order in about 4 days (northern rivers).


24 February 2014 (via Womo)





7 August 2013 (via Facebook)

Ordered last week - got it today - cats have been flea-medicated - I am VERY HAPPY CUSTOMER!!!

29 August 2013 (Via Facebook)



I just wanted to take a minute to tell you Thanks.  I placed my order on June 15, 2013 and you are so terrific, I received it on June 24,2013. I was so surprised to see it in the mail, it seemed way too soon. But because I hadn't gotten them ordered, I was worried that they wouldn't arrive until after the first of July. I always give my dogs their heartworm pills on the first. But you came through and saved the day and I wanted to say Thank you very much.


A very happy customer,




26 June 2013


I’m sorry for taking so long to email you, but we went on vacation about the same time you shipped our package and then when we got home, the post office misplaced it for a couple of days.

Anyway, I just wanted to thank you all so much for the great prize package. Everything was a hit with all six kitties!!! There were lots of really nice things in the box and I was pleasantly surprised.I have to say the purple, rubber, zoomgroom was especially fantastic. I’ve never used that product before and it was totally worth the price of admission!!!

Thanks again. I’ve referred you guys to a couple of my friends already.


9 August 2011

We've been shopping your site for almost 10 years. We love what you offer to pet owners!


23 July 2011 (Via Facebook)

Thanks Vetshoponline! Your prices and services are fantastic!

6 June 2011 (Via Facebook)

Love you, love your site! Love the fact that my critters are flea & tick FREE!

12 May 2011 (Via Facebook)

I love!

11 May 2011 (Via Facebook)

I can't believe so many people are still paying the HIGH prices at their vets office on heartgard and flea medicine when they can get them here for half the cost.
This is the same exact medicine..why pay more? Unless you are made out of money!

22 March 2011 (Via Facebook)

Just found you guys.... love your pricing and flat rate shipping! Thanks

20 February 2011 (Via Facebook)

Customer Service and Staff,

Talk about SERVICE! I send an order to Australia, get a little edgy waiting for it to arrive, and after posting an email to you requesting information on the shipment, IT ARRIVES IN THE MAIL THE ABSOLUTE NEXT DAY !!!!

My business is not much but, I care about my dogs and with the service you just rendered and your quick response, you have absolutely earned ALL of my business in the future. Right down to any toys and what not’s I may come up with a need for in the future!

Thank you so much for your caring letter in response to an over eager customer!!!
Merry Christmas and a Bright and Happy New Year to all of you at Vetshoponline!



25 December 2010

I just received the shipment in the mailbox, so I am a happy new customer certainly going to order more at!

Thank you very much for the help,


9 October 2010


Thank you very much for your excellent service, very impressed indeed...


5 October 2010


Thanks so much for your understanding and for the personal response. I must tell you that I am very impressed with your company, your prices, and now the customer service! I will definitely be recommending you to my friends & family with pets!

Thank you,


4 October 2010

Hi - I placed an order and it was shipped to me in the USA on August 2nd and I just received it today. Thank you so much for the speedy service and prompt shipping. I will be purchasing my pet products from you in the future.

Thank you VetShopOnline!!!


10 August 2010

The package arrived today! I'll be sure to order it earlier next time didn't realize that customs would cause such a delay!

Thanks so much for all your help you guys have great customer service!


5 August 2010

Thanks for replying. I received the "did not process" emails after I wrote you. I then used PayPal.
It's always a pleasure dealing with your company, even if the credit card companies are sometimes uncooperate.


21 July 2010

Love your prices! Keep em low!

14 June 2011 (Via Facebook)

I just wanted to say thank you! I placed my order on Friday, March 18. I didn't expect to get my order for about a month. Imagine my surprise when I go to the mailbox today, March 29, just 5 business days after my order, and find my order of Revolution for cats waiting for me. This was my first time ordering the Revolution online, and I was a little nervous about getting it from a company that operated outside of the United States. You guys have definitely eased those worries, and have a new lifelong customer. I have been telling asmany friends and family as possible to use your site from now on. Your customer service, shipping speed, and price are head and shoulders above anywhere else.

Thank you again,


12 March 2011

Hi Vicki,

So sorry about that e-mail...i was on vacation and then forgot that I had the package sent to my po box instead of home...and it was at the post office!
Thanks so much for your great prices and awesome service...I tell all my pet owver friends about you guys!

7 July 2010

Hello there.   I'm just writing to thank you guys.  I just recently purchased Frontline Plus from your website.  Not only was it the cheapest I could ever find by far, but I received it in a week and Im out in California, I certainly wasnt expecting that.  Seriously your prices are excellent, this was the first time I have ever ordered from you, I just recently found you on google looking for good sales on Frontline.  Not only am I going to continue to order from you guys but I'm going to tell all those dog lovers about you and believe me I know a lot =)  THANKS again for making it simple and cheap.  You guys rock.

Caitland V B

2 July 2010

Thank you for my order. It was correct and the price was better than anything I could have gotten in the United States.

Joan S

29 June 2010


Tkanks for the note; package arrived Saturday past so all is well.  We have passed your website to fellow neighboring dog/pet lovers.  Cheers!  

David S

21 June 2010

Hi Vicki,
Thank you so very much for taking the time to get back to me.  Our dogs have been on Frontline + since they were small. I will continue to order from you because of not only your price but your Superior Customer Service.

Thanks again

Buster & Ella too!!

27 May 2010

I just wanted to thank you and let you know that i received my order today in the mail. It was a pleasure doing business with you and i will being continuing with your service.

Thanks again,


27 May 2010

Thank you for your e-mail.  It seems that my little Maugie was a bit impatient.  I went to my Post Office yesterday and the order has been received.
Also, thank you for providing this on-line service and fair prices.
I will be in touch in a few months for my next order.
Mary F

25 May 2010

I just wanted to tell you how happy I am!!!! I was late ordering my heartgard and it is mosquito-ville here in South Texas!! My order came in 9 days so was only 2 days late with our yorkies dose!!!! THANK YOU


5 May 2010

It arrived and I just wanted to thank you for your excellent customer service!  I will definitely re-order from this company!

Kim L

4 May 2010

Hi Vicki-

Of course the package was there when I got home!  Isn’t that always how it works!  Thank you for your prompt response.  I couldn’t be more satisfied with my experience and the timeliness of feedback!

Jennifer V

23 April 2010

Thank you for being so prompt.  My order arrived yesterday.

Patti K

24 April 2010

Hi Vicki,
Thank you, I just received the item today.  Your Customer Service is excellent, and I will continue to shop with you.  Thanks again, so very much.

21 April 2010

Just received my order #937326 today 4/16 and was just ordered on 4/3... I am amazed how fast it came.. Am very satisfied and will order all my pet products through you.... Good price and good job!!...

Gloria S

17 April 2010

Just received the order today.  Thanks so much.  We appreciate your prices and service.

Sheila W

16 April 2010

Dear Vetshop,

I have made my first order with your company. I must say I am very pleased. With so many vet company's online, I did my research and you now have a loyal customer. Your products and pricing are more than reasonable, and your timely service is a plus. In a world where it seems like most business's try to take advantage, overcharge, or have some scheme to get more out of their customers, Vetshop simply does good business! I do not normally take the time to thank a company for doing right by their customers, but thank you!

My cat, Bysby (Bizbee) is allergic to fleas, his hair will fall out with just a few bites. He is a long haired Tuxedo cat, 13yrs and still plays like a kitten. Revolution is the only treatment that works for him 100%. Again, thank you! I will spread the word about Vetshop and send you many new customers.

Feel free to contact me.

Keith M

9 April 2010

You guys are the best!! Thanks-- one reason I shop with you :)  

Holli G

7 April 2010

My order arrived yesterday. Thanks so much. I reccommend your web site to everyone I know who is a pet owner and look forward to dealing with you again. Thanks!


1 April 2010

Thank you so much for your very helpful advice.  I so appreciate all of your services, both in sales & now excellent advice.  You're the best!


24 March 2010

Hi Vicki!
Thank You so much for getting back with me!
If I had bothered to search further, I would have found the answers to all my questions on your site. I placed my order and look forward to doing lotsa business with you in the future. For me, customer service seals the deal each and every time.
Chet P

23 March 2010

Thank you so much, Vicki!  You are awesome!  That is a relief that I won't be sent (and charged for) two orders!
Thanks, again.

19 March 2010

I adore your company!
Thank you,
Amy L

19 March 2010

Today I received your parcel in the mail. Yet again, I am amazed that I can order these things from the other side of the world and they turn up in my mailbox just a few days later. The internet still blows my mind. thanks again!!

Celia B.

22 Sept, 2009

Order received safely. Can't believe it only took 5 days. Thank you.


Jo-Anne B
Sept 12, 2009


18 June 2009

Hi Robyne,

I received the order yesterday.  Thanks so much for the follow up. We will
be ordering from you again!

Kind regards,


11 Aug 2009

Thank you for your prompt response.  Great customer service, products and you have the best prices I've found!



5 Aug 2009

I just wanted to let you know I received the order today. Thank you
for reshipping it. I'll return for more business. Thank you again.
Have a great weekend.

1 Aug 2009

Thanks so much for your response!!  I have just received my order and I do apologize for bothering you.  I think I just worry too much.  Everything I ordered came at one time and is exactly what I need.  I do so appreciate your taking the time to answer my note.  Most don't.  I will continue to order my pet needs from you.  Again I'm so sorry for panicking and thank you.
Terry P S


1 Aug 2009

The day after I sent my inquiry, the order arrived. Thank you for your
I recieved all that was ordered & paid for.

William P

31 July 2009

Thank you for your quick response - it is reassuring - I had had gotten the impession that the package was coming Fed Ex.
Cecilia F
30 July 2009
I have recieved your shipment!
thanks for being so quick.  i will use your services every time!

thanks again!!!

gary s

17 July 2009
 I received the order on Friday.  Thank you for saving me sooooo much

Rosemary D

22 June 2009

Thank you again for taking the time to write abut the tracking not being available.
It s mote as it arrived today which Is quite timely.
I am happy to be a customer and recommend you often.
Mark D


18 June 2009

Thank you!!!  I got my order yesterday shortly after sending you this
email, so thank you!  I have forwarded your website to all my friends and
family too, since it's such a great deal, the only issue is that it takes
so long, but if we plan for that it's perfectly fine!  Thank you so much
for the order I couldn't be happier!
Ingrid A

9 June 2009


Just wanted to thank you guys for great service. I must admit I was worried about ordering from overseas , however after dealing with you guys I will be back! Fast shipping and a great price, thanks so much Greg H in North Carolina USA.

9 June 2009

I ordered on May 30th and my shipment arrived on June 6th. That is
outstanding service from Australia to West Virginia, USA. and at a better
price than I could find elsewhere. Thank you very much.   
John V

7 June 2009

Thank you for inquiring about the other two orders.  I faxed you a note as
soon as I realized there were 3 outstanding orders.  I DO NOT want the 2
previous orders.  When I was trying to place the order, it kept coming up
the basket was empty so I would try again.  I do appreciate your noticing
this and inquiring about if I wanted them or not instead of just shipping
them.  Customer service is important to me and I will continue to use
VetShop on line when needing any product.  Thank you-
Carol W

3 June 2009

Hi.  Thanks for your response.  The order arrived today.  I am very
and have already recommended you to someone.  
Pat B

28 May 2009

Thank you for the great service.

Valerie F
15 May 2009 

Thank you for sending out my product so prompt... I did receive it in the mail and want to thank you for the GREAT PRICE! I saved about $25.00 getting it from At first I was hasitdent on ordering, but did a little homework on your products and decided it was the same product as the USA. Frontline plus for Cats is the same product. Thank You for prompt service. I will be ordering again from Vetshop again. Sincerely,
Joan F    
14 May 2009

Just wanted to let you know I received my order yesterday.  Thanks for being
so nice!
Have a great day!

Robert L
12 May 2009

Thank You for the thorough detailed response, I did receive the order
in good condition the day after I sent the inquirey. I loved shopping
with you..I will be a regular  Thx

Betty C
11 May 2009 

WOW! Thank you Vicki. That's great news! You guys are my pet supply source from now on. Best regards, Scott

8 May 2009

Thank You very much for your response.  It was very informative and I will
reorder from you in a couple of months.

Dolores C
6 May 2009

Thank you for your prompt response and properly remedying my situation.  I
am glad I referred my friends to Vetshoponline knowing that they will be
in your good hands. Again, thank you!

Susan C
6 May 2009


Angel N
29 Apr 2009


Thank you so much, Vicky, for your kind and informative letter.  Your response to my concern is amazing and Vetshoponline obviously employs professional employees. 
Truthfully, my concern was based upon the age of our 12-year old dog.  As you probably already know, large dogs have a shorter lifespan than small dogs.  I cannot be too careful.
Because you handled my request so quickly and followed up with an intelligent letter, I will be revisiting your site.
Cynthia B
26 Apr 09

I'm a little tardy communicating, but I have to tell you what a pleasure it is to do business with you. My order arrived in four or five days and in excellent condition. Even with the shipping charges, it cost far less than I would have paid had I ordered from a US company, particularly the one that advertises so frequently. Another order is forthcoming.
Thank you,
Barb A
25Apr 09

Thanks for your excellent service!
Rick O
24 Apr 09

20 Apr 09

Thank you! The order arrived the day after your representative phoned me.
am completely satisfied with my purchase and with your service.
Susan E
20 Arp 09

Thank you very much for the prompt shipment of my order and for the email updates.  I was very nervous about sending over $100 to a company half-way around the world that I never heard of before, especially since your prices were so good.  But I received my cat's Frontline within 1 week and now she'll be flee and tick free for the next year.  I will definitely order from you again.  Thanks again.
Barbara W
Wolcott CT  USA

18 Mar 09

i got it last night. thank you so much for your
prompt response.
Maggie M
12 Mar 09

Thank you I recieved my order and will definately deal with you again
Bill N
4 Feb 09

I received my order (xxxxx) from your business today...i'm so thankfull
for your "GOOD SERVICE"...i will recomend your website to all my friends,
i will keep ordering from your site.....THANK YOU AGAIN!!!
15 Dec 08

After emailing you I realized that you were based in Australia, so it would take a bit for everything to arrive. It actually ended up arriving on Saturday, which is pretty fast it seems.
Your website is now on my favorites.
Jennifer R
15 Dec 08

Appreciate your prompt response and will keep an eye out for it...Merry Christmas!

Cherry S
3 Dec 2008 

Just a note to thank you for the replacement of the Advantage Tubes that were empty. I appreciate your doing so and will recommend your service to all my friends. 

Curtis C
3 Oct 2008


Thank You I received the package today, I am so sorry if I presumed foul play on the part of the package, however I am pleased with the product and will continue to order from you in the future.  Thank you again for letting me know and also for being so prompt in responding to my consumer concerns.
Kara N
26 Sep 2008 

Thank you! This order had not arrived after two months, I sent you a message, you resent it, and it got here in no time at all! Thank You. We greatly appreciate your swift response and resolution of this consern. I look forward to ordering from you in the future!
22 Sep 2008

Hi Vicki!

I received my order today Sept. 23rd. Thanks so much!!  I will be ordering
more next season from your company as its much cheaper than getting it from
the States!!
Carol F

23 Sep 2008 


I had to let you know my order arrived today.One week and a day from when I recieved an email  to say my order has been shipped.Thank you so much for the speedy delivery.I ordered this on the 14th of September and todays date is the 22nd.
Alisha N

22 Sep 2008

To whom this would concern:


Last February 26, 2008, I placed an order with you for Frontline Plus—up to 22lbs and Heartgard Plus –up to 25 lbs.

I complained to you for a month that I had not received the products and you very graciously sent out a second order. I did receive the order and did not reply that I had received it.  That was rude of me but I was disappointed that it took so long to come.  I received a surprise in the mail today, August 30, of the original products that I requested! 


It was in a bubble package coming out of Atlanta, Georgia with the Mailing Center for U.S. Postal Service return address.  It was clearly not your fault that I did not receive your first package.  In the package is the original invoice dated February 26, 2008 with the two products I had ordered.


With your permission I will keep these products and if you do not have my charge card on file I will gladly supply you with payment. Let me know how we should handle payment.



Valjean C

30 Aug 2008


Hello Vetshoponline,

just wanted to inform you guys that i did
receive the package on friday. i wanted to thank you once again for an
awesome price and speedy shipping knowing that this was coming from
australia. I shall be referring you guys to my friends with pets and i
will be doing online shopping with you guys.  thanks again and best of
luck with the business always. god bless

Matt P
23 Aug 2008


Wow.  That's great!  Thanks so much.  I really appreciate it and will definitely be ordering from you in the future.  Thanks again!  LZ :)
22 Aug 2008


Thank you for immediately responding to my email to answer my questions. This
relects the integrity of both you and your company of employment. These days it
is hard to find companies who treat their customers as you yourself would like
to be treated when you are a customer. Thanks again.

20 Aug 2008

Order was placed on Aug 7, and received on Aug 17.   With processing and weekends involved, it was only 10 days.  This was my first time ordering from your firm, and I am very pleased.  Good job and I am looking foward to dealing with you in the future.


Thank You

Gordon M

17 Aug 2008 

Thank you so much for the order. I received it on 8-11-28. And thank you for the quick
response to my e-mail.
Have a great week!
13 Aug 2008

Hi folks,

I finally got my order!  I've been out of town for a week so not sure
exactly what day it came but I got it on the second try.  Thanks so much for
sending it again.

Judy B
13 Aug 2008

Dear Vicki,


I am so sorry to report that your package DID arrive, more than two weeks ago, and my friend just forgot to tell me. I apologize sincerely for not figuring this out before now. I feel relieved to know that her dogs will be protected for the rest of the season.


thank you for your attentiveness and your time.



28 Jul 2008