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Advocate (Advantage Multi) for Cats

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Advocate (Advantage Multi)® for Cats Decription:

Advocate for Cats also known as Advantage Multi for Cats in the US is a topical spot-on type medication that treats and prevents flea infestation, prevents heartworm, controls infections of gastrointestinal nematodes including hookworm and roundworm. Advantage Multi also treats ear mite infestation with a monthly application.

Advocate (Advantage Multi)® for Cats Product Key Benefits:

  • Controls internal (heartworm & intestinal worms) and external parasites
  • Get rid of adult fleas and larvae fast within one hour
  • Stop fleas biting within 5 minutes around the area of application with rapid onset
  • Water proof so it does not wash off your cats after a bath or a swim ONE hour after treatment
  • Long lasting protection for up to a month of broad specturm protection
  • Control other ectoparasites such as ear mites
  • Same proven active ingredient Imidacloprid found in Advantage to battle stubborn flea infestations
  • Safe to use kittens, lactating and pregnant cats


    VetShopMax Top Brands Flea Control & Other Parasite Treatment Quick Guide*

      Brand  Adult Flea  Eggs  Larvae  Tick  HeartwormEar MiteIntestinal worm
  Frontline plus®
yes  yes  yes  yes  nonono
  Revolution® yes  yes  yes  yes  yesyes
  Advocate (Advantage Multi)® yes no yes no yes yes yes
 Frontline Top Spot®
yes  no  yes  yes  nonono
  Advantage® yes  no yes no  nonono







*Please refer to individual product details for more information. This table is for a quick general reference only.