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Dog Urination Problem


                                                         Inappropriate Urination in Dogs

Dogs can experience inappropriate urination for various reasons aside from health problems and behavioral issues.  These reasons are submissive urination, excitement and territory marking.

  • Submissive Urination

Submissive urination occurs when a dog feels anxious or timid. Generally, it occurs when the dog wants to acknowledge the fact that it views you as being dominant.  When a dog engages in submissive urination, it may stand up and dribble urine when it is greeted or it may roll onto its back as it urinates.  This type of urination often occurs when the pet owner returns home from work or from being away for a long period of time. 

Dogs may also engage in submissive urination when guests visit the home or when they are being walked and a stranger stops to pet them.  Again, this urination is done in an attempt to let the human know that the dog realizes the human is dominant.  There is not much an owner can do to prevent submissive urination.  Pet owners should be careful when it comes to yelling at the pet or otherwise disciplining it as this can cause it to engage in submissive urination.

  • Excitement Urination

Excitement urination is slightly different from submissive urination.  Excitement urination occurs when the dog engages in certain activities, for example, picking up a ball to play or greeting someone.  A dog may also experience excitement urination when it sees its owner pick up the leash for a walk.  Excitement urination does not signal an acknowledgement of dominance.  Therefore, it does not occur when the owner leans over or otherwise shows dominance to the pet. 

  • Territory Marking

When a dog urinates in order to mark territory, it is attempting to establish its dominance.  When a dog engages in territory marking, it attempts to urinate on a vertical surface as high up as possible.  This is because a higher mark indicates a bigger dog, making it more dominant.  The purpose of marking is to signal to warn other dogs to stay away from the territory.  Dogs will do this in as many places as possible, including trees, walls and hydrants.  Territory marking can be reduced by having a dog speyd or neutered when it is still young.