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PAW DigestiCare 60™

PAW DigestiCare 60™
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PAW DigestiCare 60™ Description

PAW DigestiCare 60™ is a new and improved multi-stain, multi-specie probiotic and wholefood powder for the maintenance of everyday digestive health of dogs, cats and other companion animals.

PAW DigestiCare 60™ combines a multi-stain probiotic powder with a fermented wholefood powder to:

  • Provide good bacteria to restore and improve intestinal balance
  • Aid during period of intestinal dysfunction, including treatment and control of diarrhoea
  • Aid in the establishment of gastrointestinal microflora of physiologically immature animals (puppies & kittens)
  • Available in 150g tub
  • Each 2 grams dose contains 60 Million 'good bacteria'
  • Includes a 4g measuring scoop for an easy usage
  • And it's a highly palatable powder that can easily be sprinkled onto your pet's food



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Medium Dog
Large Dog


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