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Heartworm Medicine Products for Dogs

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Heartworm is a common disease which occurs in dogs. It is easily transmitted by mosquito and quickly spreads through the dog's blood vessels. Heartworm inflicts its biggest damage on a dog’s heart and lungs, causing severe heart and lung disease. If it is not prevented with heartworm medicine in the form of pills or other heartworm treatment, it could cause a painful and slow death to pets. The good news is heartworm disease is totally preventable with heartworm medicine.

 At VetShopMax, we range top quality and cheap branded & generic heartworm medicines and treatment. You will find Heartgard Plus, Heartgard, Revolution, Generic Heartgard and Advocate (Advantage Multi) at affordable price match guaranteed. We have nearly 10 years of industry experience and a qualified & registered vet to post knowledge based articles to help you on common heartworm issues. So your shopping of any heartworm medicine with us will be a well-informed & right purchase. You can rest easy and spend quality time with your pets, knowing you are giving the best care.