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**Clearance** Dogs & Loud Noises CD

**Clearance**  Dogs & Loud Noises CD
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This Item is Clearance Stock- We have made a bulk purchase on this product from the manufacturer! This product is in new condition and in no way damaged - Usual Price $24.99 - Clearance Price $17.99. That's a saving of over 25%!

Don't wait until the 4th of July. Start this program now to treat noise phobias in your Dogs.

Dogs & Loud Noises CD Description

The Dogs & Loud Noises CD is a step by step audio guide to solving your pet's noise fear phobias and problems. The CD examines all the currently available techniques for controlling noise phobia in dogs, including medications and alternative therapies. It contains a guide to using the progressive desensitisation technique recommended by animal welfare organisations, leading veterinarians and animal behavioural specialists. The CD includes digitally enhanced sound tracks of thunder, fireworks, gun fire and other common problem noises to assist pet owners in properly implementing this technique.


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